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Making new friends.

Spencer and I met up with a fearful Boxer and his owner yesterday evening.  Spen and Cooper didn’t get off to the best of starts but it didn’t take long for them to become firm friends.  We spent about an hour out with them, walked along a lovely muddy path where Spen delighted in splashing in the puddles and getting as dirty as he could.  Cooper picked his way around them and stayed fairly clean.  Then we came to a little stream.  Spencer was in heaven.  He even managed to entice his new friend in and teach him some of the joys of water and mud.  They spent about 20 minutes charging around after each other in the water and up and down the banks.  At one point  they disappeared over the far bank and we just heard this almighty splash.  A minute later two soaking wet and rather bedraggled dogs appeared.  Apparently there was a much deeper stream on the other side.  Spencer probably dived into it willingly but I think Cooper may have accidentally gone in there.  Both dogs were absolutely filthy by the end of the walk.  After a dip in the stream to wash off the worst of the mud and a 20 minute mud free walk home this is what Spencer looked like.  He had fun though, that’s the main thing.


Crate training is going quite well.  He keeps going into his crate and lying down for a few minutes before coming out.  He had a stuffed Kong in there yesterday and was in there today while I hoovered.   He doesn’t seem stressed in there.  I’m at the doctors tomorrow, not sure whether to leave him in the crate or move everything out of the bathroom and leave him in there with a stuffed Kong.  Leaning towards the bathroom idea really, I don’t want to mess up crate training by leaving him too long at first.

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