Stroppy Teenager

Well it’s definitely happened now.  My lovely, biddable, reasonably obedient dog has become a stroppy teenager who no longer feels he needs to pay any attention to me.  We’ve been having “Kevin” (so named after the Harry Enfield Kevin and Perry stuff) moments for a while now but he’s suddenly morphed into him full time.  I remember Shadow my collie going through it and he was absolute HELL, the stuff nightmares are made of.  He was over it by about 18 months though.  Spencer’s 15 months old and it seems the fun is just beginning.  I’ve been told this stage can last till they’re 3 years old, I’ve not told my husband that delightful bit of information yet.

So yeah, we’re back to the very basics when it comes to training.  Pretty much just working on what he already knows outside, enforcing it, insisting that the rules are still the same on a day to day basis etc.  It’s a shame he had to hit this phase now, just as the leash law is up and he could be off leash.  Unfortunately as his recall has all but disappeared he’s still on the long line.  He’s also discovered the joys of chasing rabbits.  Not much fun for me when he spots one and takes off.  Wouldn’t be such an issue off leash as there’s nowhere dangerous he can go unless he runs for a few miles but on the long line it can be rather painful.  So we’re working on that too.

I’m getting horror stories right, left and centre about what will happen if I don’t have him neutered before he hits 18 months old.  Apparently in just under 3 months time he will turn into this aggressive, sex mad, out of control beast who will be a nightmare to own for the rest of his life.  Now okay, maybe he will become a pain and maybe neutering will be our best option but quite honestly, I’ve had male dogs before, none were neutered before 3 years of age and none ever became sex mad, aggressive, out of control beasts.  So I’ll take my chances with Spencer.  If neutering is truly the best option it’ll be done but I’m not prepared to whip his balls off just in case, especially not before he’s fully mature!  My vets are horrified by my attitude.  Oh well, it’s my dog and he’ll be my problem if their dire prophecies become reality.

We went for a nice long walk yesterday.  It was a longer walk than I intended as we got completely and utterly lost.  Spent the best part of 3 hours wandering around in some woods and little back streets before finally finding our way home.  It’s not good when you come across a sign saying you’re leaving the town you live in.  I really don’t want to know how far we walked but both of us were knackered when we got home!  And to make matters worse it had been quite chilly when we set off but the sun decided to put in an appearance and it became absolutely boiling.  Other than that though it was quite a pleasant walk.  Spen didn’t really pull, we had a few occasions where the leash went tight but it wasn’t the head down, shoulder to the ground sort of pulling and a quick reminder got him loosening it again.  So we’re getting there with the loose leash walking. Unless hubby’s there of course.

Spencer is back on raw now that I’m home.  I’ve introduced a few new things to him.  Cows ears he thoroughly enjoyed once he figured out they were food.


The fish head he got extremely excited about and didn’t even hesitate.  He really seemed to enjoy it, even going so far as to suck his towel clean after he finished eating.  Excuse the state of the towel, it gets washed every few day but it’s acquired some stains that won’t come out.


Day old chicks however weren’t such a hit.  Hope the links work coz he cracked me up with them.

Also, I managed to get him a paddling pool while I was in the UK.  It’s not a very good one but for what it cost I figured it doesn’t matter whether it’s dead within a week.  He’s much more impressed with that than he was with the day old chicks.

Anyway, I think that’s all I have at the moment.  It’s another boiling hot day here, Spen’s currently lay with his head underneath my computer chair looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth despite the fact he’s stolen god knows how many things already today and no doubt will steal even more when my husband gets home from work.

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