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Took Spencer to the field closest to us yesterday.  Usually I keep him on a long line there because it’s used by a lot of other dog walkers but yesterday it was empty so I thought I’d give him a try off leash.  He did great.  He did a lot of sniffing and marking and running around but we also played fetch, did some brilliant recalls and he offered to walk next to me several times.  So it seems recall is back on track and walking to heel is sinking in.  Wasn’t all perfect, on the way there someone stopped to fuss him and he attempted to have a good old nose around in her shopping bags.  But on the plus side he didn’t jump all over her.

Couple of pics from yesterdays walk.  They’re not very good, it’s hard to get a good picture of him coz he’s either trotting ahead of me which would result in some not so lovely pictures of his bum, interacting with me which is really hard to photograph or standing still and sniffing.  But here they are anyway.





And the other day we took up a challenge posted on a forum.





Speaking of forums, I’ve been put on moderate on Dogsey for apparently spamming links to another website.  To my knowledge I have NEVER posted a link to any other dog forum or to any social media sites such as facebook (rules state that is not allowed).  I have said as much in a post to admin and yet my post has been ignored.  The thread I posted was a picture thread with the same title as this blog post with the pics of yesterdays walk and some pictures I’ve previously posted here.  I’m now unable to post over there without having a moderator read and approve my posts and have been told I am being childish so will be treated like a child.  And that is the only answer I’ve been given.  I’ve heard that other people have had this happen to them, others have been banned after having disagreed with the admin  about something.  So, I have removed the link to Dogsey from this blog and will stick with the other forums I’m on instead.  Forums where your posts aren’t scrutinised for anything that might possibly be advertising another forum, where private messages aren’t read by admins and where you’re able to have a difference of opinion without any toys being thrown out of prams.

In other news my hubby went out last night and came home roaring drunk wearing eye shadow and lipstick.  I’m hoping I can get hold of some pictures of him in the dress he was also apparently wearing at one point.  Spen thought he was great fun!  He’s off work for a couple of weeks soon, have told him I’ll be dragging him out on some walks with us.  Might actually get some decent pics of the Spendog then.

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