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A new year

Well a very late Happy New Year to everyone!  I have no excuses for slacking off on my blog, especially not for such a long time.  Me, hubby and Spencer are doing just fine, had a great Christmas and New Year and are now back to normal life.  Had a scare just before Christmas when we took Spen to the place I usually walk him and he ran off.  He was gone for at least half an hour and we have absolutely no idea where he went.  He eventually came running back and hasn’t done a runner since.  Oddly enough we’d met my hubbys boss with his dog just before this happened and he said his dog had done a runner which is as out of character as Spen doing a runner was.  Both dogs headed in the same direction although they both took off from different places so god knows what it was that triggered it.  Spen’s intact but the other dog has been neutered from a young age so probably not a bitch in season.

Anyway, he came back safe and sound and hasn’t run off since so putting it down to one of those things.  We’ve had horrible snow which means Spens recall has suffered a little, apparently it’s impossible to recall when there’s cold white stuff on the ground.  He got shut out at half past one this morning coz he refused to come when called.  We have frosted glass at the front of our block so I could see his light up collar and he hurried to the door as soon as he heard it shut.  He had a nice bounce around with a spaniel yesterday.  Well, it was nice for him and the spaniel, it wasn’t so nice for me hanging on to the flexi leash I use to take him out for a pee.  Seen the same dog a few times and never an owner in sight.

Training wise we’ve been working on him unloading the washing machine which he’s definitely getting the hang of now.  Had a bit of a misunderstanding at first, he thought I wanted him to get in the machine and understandably he refused to do that!  But once he realised I just wanted him to pull stuff out of it…well that was right up his street lol.  He’s gotten very good at shutting the bedroom door at night and quite often shuts it before I’ve even got in there.  Hubby finds the fact that the dog slams the door in my face absolutely hilarious.  Loose leash walking is still so so.  Sometimes we can get to the park in town with no issues, sometimes it takes us 20 minutes to get around the block.  And if he sees another dog you can usually forget about any sort of loose leash, especially if it’s one he knows is friendly.

Had our neighbours dog to stay a few weeks ago.  Him and Spencer got on brilliantly and both seemed to have a great time wrestling, playing chase, playing tug.  At first I kept making Spen come away as Rupert (yeah, was a bit confusing when we had our Rupert lol) seemed rather overwhelmed but every time I did Rupert went and jumped on Spen so I guess he can’t have been that overwhelmed lol.

And some pictures.

Lost Spencer one day, wasn’t on any of his beds and he wasn’t by the front door.  Eventually found him when he poked his head out.


Waiting for his frisbee to be thrown


Playtime with Rupert

IMG_1655 IMG_1658

In the snow


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