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We’re still around

Wow, I’ve really slacked off haven’t I?  Nearly 2 months since my last post, that’s terrible.  Not really had much to blog about though.  It’s been cold, snowy and slippery so walks haven’t been much fun.  Not for me anyway, Spen thinks the snow is great.  Unfortunately attempting to do zoomies while on leash results in an unhappy owner.  But the snow is clearing now and so hopefully our walks will become more interesting again.


Spencer has been with us for over a year now.  That seems to have gone really quickly but there have been some big changes in him.  He’s got muscle tone now.  He’s not bouncing off the walls hyper although he is still very active.  His training is coming along well.  He no longer barks at the mere sight of any of the Turkish people.  And we seem to be getting on top of his silly behaviour when he sees another dog.  Finally.  We’ve started going along to the sled dog meet ups that are held on a Sunday here and it seems the regular interaction with other dogs has really, really helped him not lose his mind at the mere sight of one.  He’s still extremely excited if one comes up to him but we’ve passed several on the street without any lunging or whining.  On the opposite side of the street but it’s a start.

We’re still working on loose leash walking.  I’m beginning to wonder whether we’ll ever completely crack it.  He’s actually offering to walk by my side quite a lot in less exciting areas though so I suppose at least we’re making some progress.  Recall is going well unless he’s around certain dogs.  Then forget it, nothing exists except for those dogs.  We’ve done a lot of mat work indoors, basically just getting him to relax on his mat (currently an old towel, I really should get him a proper mat) no matter what is going on around him.  He’s able to stay there and not be all tense while I drop handfuls of kibble or some toys on the floor.  While I open the fridge door.  While I step over him.  While I sit down.  And various other things.  He found it really difficult at first but now he just lies there and wags his tail at me as if to say “It won’t work, I’ll just lie here and get my rewards”.

I think I’m going to set us a goal of learning one new trick a week.  Or one new component for a trick if it’s a complicated one with lots of steps.  I keep starting things and never actually finishing them, never getting them fully on cue.  I have loads of free time and Spencer is a quick learner so shouldn’t be too hard to learn on new thing every week and get it on at least one cue, verbal or non verbal.  I bought the book 101 dog tricks and was most disappointed in it.  It’s a lovely looking book and lots of great ideas for tricks but some of the instructions are awful!  It’s supposedly a positive book yet has instructions such as smacking your dog on the nose and grabbing and pulling the skin behind its ribs.  Needless to say we will NOT be following those instructions!  If anyone has any suggestions for tricks just let me know and I’ll do my best to teach.  I’ll be the problem, not Spen, think he’s smarter than I am lol.

Not really much of an update considering I haven’t posted for 2 months but I’ll leave it there and post some pics instead.

This is his latest thing.  Keeps bringing me his flexi leash.  Excuse the mess, I was ill and the housework fairy must have been on vacation.


At the husky meet up

IMG_1704 IMG_1713 IMG_1716

With his new safestix.  Not sure why this picture posts on its side, it’s not on its side on my computer or on photobucket!


On the new bed we bought him.  Such a hard life being a dog.


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