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I think I broke him

It’s been nearly 5 hours since Spencer and I got back from todays walk.  He is still crashed out sleeping.  Hasn’t pestered me for dinner, to do something with him or anything.  He did insist on coming putting the washing on with me and he went out for a pee but as soon as we came back in he went back to bed!  It wasn’t even that long a walk, just around the farmers fields, up a little path through a wooded area that led to a dead end and then up another path to where we could see the river but were blocked by a field fenced with barbed wire.  Could have gone through I suppose but I had visions of an irate farmer with a shotgun coming after us so we didn’t lol.  I half fell down a steep hill to let him have a paddle in a streams since he was so dismayed at not being able to reach it due to being on leash.  More fool me, I almost ended up in there with him as he decided zoomies were appropriate.

He wasn’t at his best today.  Didn’t want to pay attention to me for the most part and would much rather have been off doing his own thing.  He did however offer me some lovely loose leash walking.  Nose at knee type.  He’s offering this more and more often so it looks like we are slowly getting there with it.  I don’t think he’s too happy about this whole having to stay on leash business either.  And we’re only two weeks in, we’ve got another 3 months of it yet!  I did get some pics of our walk though and it was enjoyable even if he wasn’t brilliant and we didn’t really go anywhere.  He kinda spoiled it at the end though.  A few people were out playing with their kids and there was a baby in a buggy.  There was also a bag (I think) in the shape of a monsters head with a big grinning face on it hanging from the buggy.  Well Spencer went bananas at it.  I don’t really blame him but it didn’t look good him seemingly barking at the kids.

Anyway, here’s the pics from todays walk.  First we went along the path through the farmers fields.



Then we crossed the train tracks.  Only at a proper crossing despite Spen thinking we should just head down and investigate.



Onto another path where we stopped to pull a funny face for the camera



And to look at the scenery




Then we found a little path through a wooded area which smelled really nice.


But it led to a dead end so we turned back and went in a different direction.  We found a stream.



And Spencer was so utterly dismayed at not being able to go in coz of being on leash that I very kindly scrambled down to it so he could have some zoomies and nearly make me fall in it.  He was so happy about being all wet and muddy



One day I shall find the river and he’ll be able to have a proper play in the water.  Thought about moving to the seaside but chances are he’d swim out to sea and I’d never see him again.

I’ve realised that this isn’t really much of a training blog is it?  It’s more like an “A Day In The Life Of Spencer” blog.  With lots of pictures.


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Illness, injury and a visitor

Yet again I’ve been slacking haven’t I?  Not quite so bad this time, not even a month since I last posted but I really do need to post more often!  Not had the best few weeks though really.  First I got struck down with what I think was tonsillitis.  It’s a 3 week wait to get an appointment at our doctors so I can’t be 100% sure but it felt like it.  Then I recovered from that just in time to have our friends Rottie Khan while they were away.  First day Khan was here I bent slightly to take his leash off and my back went.  I could barely walk for the next week and hubby had to do pretty much all the work with both dogs.  Poor Spencer went 10 days without a proper walk coz of me simply not being well enough to take him.  He coped surprisingly well though.  Was starting to climb the walls after 10 days of having practically no physical or mental exercise but I can’t really blame him for that!

I’m more or less recovered now and we’re back to going for walks again.  On leash season started while I was ill though so it’s all leash walks now until mid July.  Taking the opportunity to explore the local area without feeling guilty if we don’t find somewhere I can let Spen off leash and to work on Spencers pulling while on his harness.  I don’t expect him to walk to heel on it, the whole idea of having him on the harness is so he can have a bit of freedom, but I do want him to keep the leash fairly loose instead of almost pulling my arms out of their sockets.  He’s not doing too badly.  We had a very pleasant walk today with only a few reminders not to pull, mostly when we first set out and when we walked down a street we’ve not been down before.  The rest of the time he was wandering along at the end of the leash but not actually pulling.  The walk was shorter than I’d anticipated but I guess the new place and new smells were quite tiring because he’s flaked out on his bed now.

We found a park full of rocks with plaques on them last week and went back another day to do some training.  This is the park.  It’s not very big and I have no idea what the plaques say coz they’re all in German but it gives us somewhere else to practise recall and stuff.



Spencer was a bit distracted there at first so I just let him have a wander on his long line and get more used to the place.




Then we did some training.  Nothing fancy, just the basic sits, downs and recalls.







There was a bloke doing something not very far away from us and Spencer wanted to keep an eye on what was going on as well as pay attention to me.




We’ll be going back there at times since it’s fairly quiet without being absolutely dead.  Not the best walk exercise wise since it’s quite close to home but I suppose we could always go the long way round.  If I can find the long way round again that is, we were lost at the time lol.

The evening Khan left Spencer decided we had to make up for all the training sessions he’d missed due to Khan being here and demanded that we do something.  So we did some 101 things to do with a box and I got some of it on video.  Can’t seem to actually insert a video into blog posts so here are the links for anyone interested.

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