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Once again I’ve been slacking

Yet again it seems I’ve been neglecting my poor blog.  I’m not a very good blogger am I?  I really will aim to do better.

Okay, so in non Spencer related news, 2 weeks ago I was told I had diabetes and was admitted to hospital.  Apparently that’s standard procedure out here in Germany in order to get you stabilised and figure out how to treat you but that wasn’t explained to me at first, I was basically just told that my blood sugar was too high, I was diabetic and I needed to go to hospital immediately.  And of course you think the worst don’t you?  Anyway, I spent 10 days in hospital being jabbed and stabbed and handed a cup and ordered to pee.  It wasn’t much fun really. But there was a fantastic park right by the hospital and I dragged hubby there each day when the doctors decided I needed to go for a walk every afternoon.  I made him bring the camera one day so I could take pics of it.  I would have got him to bring Spencer but it was strictly no dogs allowed.

There were boar in an enclosure.  The babies were so cute but hubby said I couldn’t steal one and take it home.





And loads of deer





Spencer was very good for hubby while I was in hospital.  He spent a lot more time in his crate than he’s used to and didn’t get as much exercise and training as he’s used to as hubby had to split his time between work, coming to visit me and Spen but they both coped.

Spendog is his usual fabulous self.  He was oh so pleased to have me home from hospital and stuck to me like glue for the first couple of days.  But now he’s realised I’m not going to disappear for a huge length of time he’s back to only coming looking for me if he either thinks I’ve been gone too long or might be doing something interesting and he’s missing out on it.

We found part of the river just before I went into hospital.  I realise now that I turned too soon and should have taken the next left to come to the footpath that runs alongside the river.  But we found a bit where he could have a swim.  Oh he was so happy.  The moment I gave him permission to go into the water he flew down the bank.  He was a bit shocked when he realised he had to swim, most of the water we come across is nowhere near deep enough for that, but it didn’t put him off at all!  I’m not sure taking him to the beach would be a good idea, I have visions of him swimming out to sea lol.

IMG_1926 IMG_1924 IMG_1925

We will be going in search of the path along the river again, would have gone sooner but obviously being in hospital has stopped me doing much.  And at the moment my blood sugar keeps dropping quite low so trying to get that under control before going to far from home.  We’ve been walking around the farmers field so far this week with a lovely black Lab and his owner.  Really must work on Spencers pulling when walking with someone, he’s absolutely horrendous!  He’s not perfect when it’s just me and him but when we’re with someone he reverts back to how he was when we got him, he’ll be practically hopping along on his back legs at times.  So must get that under control.

And some pics of a walk we went on before I went to hospital.

IMG_1877 IMG_1909 IMG_1899 IMG_1891 IMG_1890 IMG_1886 IMG_1884 IMG_1880

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