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Long time no blog

Yeah, I kind of abandoned my blog for a few months.  Sorry.  Not very good at being consistent with it am I?

So, what’s been going on here?  Not a whole lot really.  We went back to the UK for a visit mid February.  Flight there was a disaster, should have flown into London but due to weather conditions ended up diverted to Liverpool.  Easy Jet told us we could get a taxi to London (at the cost of £400) and claim the cost back later.  Very kind of them because of course everyone has that sort of spare cash just lying around don’t they?  We ended up spending the night at the airport and in the morning getting the hire car booking changed so we could pick it up from Liverpool and we drove to my parents in Manchester to spend a few days there before going to visit hubbys family in Poole.  We didn’t get in to Liverpool until gone 1am so no way of getting anywhere until morning.  Had a good time once we finally got away from the airport though.  We got back, picked Spendog up from kennels and oh my god had they over fed him!  My Labrador was on the verge of becoming a Flabrador!  Thankfully normal rations and exercise soon had him back to his slim self though.

Our husky meets have sadly come to an end.  Demon and Willows owners have been posted away and since we were the only ones still going it’s meant an end to them.  Even more sadly the lovely Demon had to be put to sleep just before they left here.  It was very sudden and unexpected, one day he was fine and the next clearly not fine.  Think that makes it even harder really, at least if they’re old and sick you sort of expect it but when they’re still young and seemingly healthy and it comes out of the blue like that it’s a hell of a shock.  Demon was such a character, he convinced me that I never want a husky but I loved him and I’m sure he’s left a gaping hole in his families lives.

Spencer is currently on house arrest.  He cut his paw a couple of weeks ago on a walk, nothing major, it was a tiny little cut that I just cleaned and kept an eye on which is all I normally do with cut paw pads.  Especially one as minor as this.  I could barely even see the cut it was so small, it was only the fact he was limping that alerted me to it.  But unfortunately it hasn’t healed properly and he was left with a big chunk of dead tissue that he needed surgery to remove.  So he had it done on Saturday morning.  Today is his fifth day without a walk and he is climbing the walls.  We’ve had instructions to have him walking as little as possible which makes even mental stimulation difficult, he gets so enthusiastic about everything that he throws himself around, bounces, whacks things with his paws etc.  He’s also in a cone of shame which doesn’t seem to bother him much but is hell for us.  I wake up to find myself being smothered by the damn thing because he’s rested it on my head.  He tries to go through my legs while wearing it.  He tries to get in my face and give kisses and nearly slits my throat with it.  And nothing is safe from being knocked over.  He was back at the vets for a check yesterday and it’s looking good (he’s not on antibiotics, vet prefers only to give them where necessary which I’m happy about) and all being well he’ll get the stitches out on Friday.

This is mostly what my life has consisted of since Saturday afternoon


Before his paw we were doing pretty well at getting some of his tricks on verbal cue.  We’ve got paw easily, now working on him giving the other one.  This injury may have set him back a bit on that as his paw is being messed with a lot due to having to leave it uncovered while home but covering it with a sock when he goes out to toilet.  We’ll see.  Spin we seem to be well on the way to getting.  He’s about 99% on a hand signal now and not far off on the verbal cue.  We’re working towards the Dog Trick Geek Awards but we still have a lot of work to put in before we can even get the lowest level one.  We entered a photo competition with them in April and won though.

Spendog posing with his rosette



We’re in the middle of leash season at the moment so it’s been a while since we’ve had any off leash walks but here’s some pics from before it started.

Elvis impersonation


Our attempt at dog on a log, one day I may actually get him standing on one lol.


Willow and Avalanche


Tired puppy.  He fell asleep like this lol




IMG_3691 IMG_2644

And why I refuse to play with sticks.  Unfortunately Spen loves them and none of the substitutes compare.  So he gets ignored with them since he quickly loses interest then while if I try to stop him having them they become even more fun.


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