The hills I never noticed

Had a lovely walk with Spendog yesterday.  Mostly.  One of our usual walks, fairly quiet for the most part but there’s the river and wooded areas and loads of sniffs.  We saw a fox too, ran right across the path about 10 metres in front of us.  Spen of course wanted to play.  Took the pram yesterday as I’d hurt my shoulder and didn’t want to make it worse by carrying Jack for miles.  I think the sling may have been the better option though lol.  I honestly didn’t realise just how many hilly bits there are on that walk until yesterday.  They’re not big hills, far from it although one is fairly steep.  But when you’re hanging on to your dog with one hand, pushing a pram with the other and it’s muddy it’s one hell of a work out!  Don’t need gym membership that’s for sure!  Plus Jack doesn’t really sleep in the pram so he ended up cranky towards the end because he was tired.  But he’ll have to get used to it, don’t think a dog walk with the sling when it’s icy out and slippery under foot is going to be happening, it’s going to be the pram on those days.

Spen was pretty good.  Didn’t pull too much, didn’t go mad about seeing other dogs, was mostly happy to stay on one side of the pram.  He did insist on going swimming though.  Apparently it’s never too cold for a Labradork to swim.

IMG_6549 IMG_6551 IMG_6546 IMG_6544 IMG_6534

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